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I often find it hard expressing myself through social media to get a point across in a 30second Instagram or Facebook story or a picture that was taken months prior with an inspirational quote underneath it to get my viewers to feel motivated  or inspired by me. It’s hard to vocalize facts, ambitions and feelings when it all wants to come pouring out in a big mumble jumble. Finding consistency in posts as well throws me for a curve ball because one week I’m posting back to back inspirational quotes and topics I believe in or adventures I can’t wait to take and then the next I’m dredding showing my face on camera and I drop the ball dramatically. 

So consistency, pretty much, runs my life. I truly believe in that word because if I wasn’t consistent what would I achieve? We know that if we are consistent in our health we will believe we are healthy. If we are consistent with our fitness we will be fit. By being consistent we find opportunities in life we may not have reached by saying tomorrow is another day. As humans we continue to evolve and push our limits to believe we are genuinely utilizing the life we have at every moment of every day. So what are you consistent with?   

I have found that for me to be consistent I have to choose to make things more simple. The hardest things for me to stay consistent with is my health and fitness. I used to search all the time for the next best diet; and not a “diet” to lose weight but my day to day food intake and what nutrition I’m putting into my body, kind of diet. I could always stick to a plan for a couple weeks until my love for cooking and meal prepping went down the drain and I was back to square one. So after multiple attempts of failing month after month, I chose to start a business with Isagenix because I knew it would be a consistent, reliable and joyful thing in my life that I would grow and strive on in areas I needed the most. I chose to fuel my body with the best nutrition one or two shakes a day to help me be consistent with my fitness goals and continue on building a happy and healthy lifestyle I know I can stick too to achieve results. Now I am in no place to say I follow all the rules about going to the gym every Monday-Friday or no cheat meals, no indulging every once in a while because you have to live your life, but do so with your aspirations in mind. 

Things to take from this is to stop scrolling your social media feeds searching for someone to do the work for you because you’ll just keep admiring and wishing you were them. Dig deep into your mind and soul and write down on paper what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there. If you want to meditate more, be a yogi, hit your PR in the weight room, eat less sugar, drink less coffee, lose those 5 stubborn pounds or even washing your face before bed every night, you need to be consistent and make your decisions a lifestyle not a chore to become to best version of yourself.