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I often find it hard expressing myself through social media to get a point across in a 30second Instagram or Facebook story or a picture that was taken months prior with an inspirational quote underneath it to get my viewers to feel motivated  or inspired by me. It’s hard to vocalize facts, ambitions and feelings when it all wants to come pouring out in a big mumble jumble. Finding consistency in posts as well throws me for a curve ball because one week I’m posting back to back inspirational quotes and topics I believe in or adventures I can’t wait to take and then the next I’m dredding showing my face on camera and I drop the ball dramatically. 

So consistency, pretty much, runs my life. I truly believe in that word because if I wasn’t consistent what would I achieve? We know that if we are consistent in our health we will believe we are healthy. If we are consistent with our fitness we will be fit. By being consistent we find opportunities in life we may not have reached by saying tomorrow is another day. As humans we continue to evolve and push our limits to believe we are genuinely utilizing the life we have at every moment of every day. So what are you consistent with?   

I have found that for me to be consistent I have to choose to make things more simple. The hardest things for me to stay consistent with is my health and fitness. I used to search all the time for the next best diet; and not a “diet” to lose weight but my day to day food intake and what nutrition I’m putting into my body, kind of diet. I could always stick to a plan for a couple weeks until my love for cooking and meal prepping went down the drain and I was back to square one. So after multiple attempts of failing month after month, I chose to start a business with Isagenix because I knew it would be a consistent, reliable and joyful thing in my life that I would grow and strive on in areas I needed the most. I chose to fuel my body with the best nutrition one or two shakes a day to help me be consistent with my fitness goals and continue on building a happy and healthy lifestyle I know I can stick too to achieve results. Now I am in no place to say I follow all the rules about going to the gym every Monday-Friday or no cheat meals, no indulging every once in a while because you have to live your life, but do so with your aspirations in mind. 

Things to take from this is to stop scrolling your social media feeds searching for someone to do the work for you because you’ll just keep admiring and wishing you were them. Dig deep into your mind and soul and write down on paper what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there. If you want to meditate more, be a yogi, hit your PR in the weight room, eat less sugar, drink less coffee, lose those 5 stubborn pounds or even washing your face before bed every night, you need to be consistent and make your decisions a lifestyle not a chore to become to best version of yourself.  

Unboxing & First Thoughts

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I’m just gonna get right into it. So I got my ISAGENIX package and holy cow, if you can imagine the heart face emoji, that was me! In my 30-day restart package, I received four large tubs of Isalean shakes, which comes in the powder form just like a typical protein powder (each tub has 14 servings); for my cleanse days I received Cleanse for Life, Ionix Supreme (which is to boost your mood and energy levels during your cleanse), and cleanse support (which is to help your metabolism stay balanced while not eating for two day haha). Also included were some Isadelight Salted Caramel Chocolates for cleansing days to keep your blood sugar up (I might have eaten one before bed…oops) and of course a couple more goodies like a shaker bottle, an info packet and samplers of the ISAGENIX hydrate powder and energy booster.

After the unboxing, I had to make a shake since I hadn’t eaten or didn’t have my morning coffee. So my very first shake was the Chocolate Chip Mint Isalean Shake mix, handful of ice, 6oz of coffee and a touch of water and BLEND. IT WAS SO GOOD! Tasted Just like I was indulging in my favorite ice cream! If I wasn’t excited before, I was definitely excited after that shake! WootWOOT! The exciting part is that each shake is 240 calories with 24 grams of protein.. YES, I said PROTEIN, I never get that much protein in one meal! Also, how 240 calories fills me up is still a mystery but I’m happy with it.

After the first two days I was feeling great. No loss in energy or moody; Granted I have been trying to get over a cold the last week, so I was already more drained after each day as it was; but not having full meals for breakfast and lunch didn’t make my body shut down or feel like it needed MORE.. Instead I felt good! I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t craving anything bad, I was content. I was also able to clean the entire house and do a 45 min home workout; Which I haven’t worked out for a week since being sick and I was able to get right back into where I left off! Can you feel the excitement??

Doing the 30-day restart, for me, is not about losing weight. I know I will lose a couple pounds but my goals for this is to improve my consumption of calories (shake or food) and to start seeing changes in my body with consistency in my workouts. I have not seen much change in the last couple months, which granted it takes a while to see change..I KNOW.. But I know for a fact I haven’t been consuming enough calories or ANYTHING really before the gym to allow me to get in a workout that matters. So having a shake in the morning will provide me with enough calories to give me energy, protein to rebuild muscle and motivation to know that I am going to crush my goals this coming year!

This week I feel like I can finally get back into the gym after being sick. By combining a good diet and exercise routine, I will start seeing those results I’ve been looking for. Cleansing is going to be the next step this coming week also. Taking all the junk and gunk out of my guts will be a great test of what this stuff is all about. Cheers to the next week of health!

Jillian Beldin
Hi Friends

Alrighty, I am finally doing this! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to type out my thoughts publicly instead of just in a journal or a random piece of scratch paper. Well here I am! Here I am about to spill my whole life story.. Are you ready?! JK

I am though, going to share the new journey I am about to embark on that has to do with fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. And granted I’m a pretty healthy person for the most part; as healthy as I can be, I am human.. But for the last 4 years I’ve been back and forth on loving or hating the gym. And my gym life usually consists of lifting medium to heavy weights, cardio or high intensity interval training. Lately though, I have been going to the gym without eating, which usually is fine but I haven’t had as much energy or havent been seeing the progress that I strive to see. I do understand that I need to be taking in a blah blah amount of carbs vs. proteins, sugars vs. fats; pretty much the whole nutritional pyramid I need to be thinking about for every meal and snack…. Well… Thats not realistic for me because LIFE happens every day. Lol

I could honestly blab forever about this but that would get boring… Cutting to the chase. In the last week I have reached out to a friend who lives local in my small town (her name will remain anonymous for now) She has always been very straight forward and REAL about a supplement product she is involved with. SIDE NOTE: I have shut down so many people I know who have tried to get me to try a product or be a consultant for a brand. To tell you the truth, they start to get really annoying! People get a little aggressive when they’re trying to get you to buy or sell their products. And thats just not what I’m into.

Well I caved on becoming a consultant for ISAGENIX. After so many years of turning people down I said YES.. Not that I was even asked to join, I approached her pretty much out of nowhere but I trusted her enough, watching her Instagram stories, that I wanted to join this company. I could have just bought some product and been on my way. But I wanted more; support for healthy living, a place to talk to people with similar passions and a way to help men and women reach their health goals and create their own business. So I asked some basic questions and I said “SIGN ME UP!”.

So for the blog! This will be my place to show anyone who cares or is looking for something new to read or a place to get information; I will be posting weekly blogs updating myself and YOU on how this new Adventure is changing my life! I am a consultant; so if anyone wants to ask personal questions, wants to join my ISAGENIX team, or wants to say hello, please comment below or email me!